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Fujino Outdoor Sports Exchange Facility

Summer May-October 冬 12月〜3月
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Slope map

main main
Name of course Level Distance Difference in elevation Degree of inclination State of slope
Max Min Ave
Dynamic course Advanced 1,200m 200m 38° 25° 28°
Panorama course Intermediate / Advanced 800m 170m 28° 22° 25°
Crystal course Intermediate 800m 140m 25° 13° 22°
Romance course Intermediate 800m 140m 22° 13° 20°
Mild course Beginner / Intermediate 1,800m 300m 22° 13° 15°
Family course Beginner 500m 70m 15° 10° 13°

State:◯ Completely okay/ △ Partially okay / ×Not okay at all

Name of lift Total length Time required Condition
First pair lift 425m 3.5minutes ×
First romance lift 600m 5minutes ×
Second romance lift 449m 3.5minutes ×