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Fujino Outdoor Sports Exchange Facility

Summer May-October Winter November to April
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Requires a fee

Name Price (tax included) time 備考
Sports bike ¥500 One day All-you-can-use playground equipment
(Excluding MTB and kitchen fields)
Mountain bike ¥300
1 hour
One day
Walking bike ¥300 1 hour  
Diggler ¥300 1 hour  
N board ¥300 1 hour One helmet / protector
インラインスケート ¥300 1 hour One helmet / protector
Jボード ¥300 1 hour One helmet / protector
Kite ¥100 30minutes  
Badminton ¥100 30minutes Badminton set

無 料

Only one item for each use.
When it is crowded, please use it for about 30 minutes for each item.