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Fu’s Strider Adventure Park

Introducing Fu's Strider Adventure Park,
designed by Naoki Idegawa, a professional mountain bike rider!
The fully equipped comprehensive park, fun for kids of all ages,
along with Japan's first "Strider Downhill Course."


開放期間 9 : 00-16:30(〜10月31日まで)
Course The fully equipped comprehensive park in Japan, fun for kids of all ages, along with Japan's first "Strider Downhill Course."
Course Admission 1日 500円
Rental Fee ストライダーレンタルセット 1日 500円(ヘルメット・プロテクター付き)
ヘルメットプロテクター一式 1日300円
Age Range From 1.5 to 5 years old (From 3.5 years old to 7 years old for 14 in)
*Helmets and protectors must be worn on the course.

●Please register at the rental corner on the first floor of Core House.
●Please wear unrevealing clothing, long sleeves, long pants, and socks that cover your ankles.
●Please be sure to wear a helmet and elbow/knee protectors before use.
●Parents and guardians are advised to keep an eye on their children.
●We will not be responsible for any injuries from riding, damages to your Strider (running bike), or any other problems you may encounter.Please use the courses in a fun and safe manner at your own risk.
●Please do not use Striders (running bikes) outside of the course.
●This is a dedicated Strider (running bike) course.Please refrain from using any equipment other than Striders (running bikes).
●Please make sure to bring a parent or guardian with you when you visit.